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SA Alarm Range

SA5 Alarm Range




Problem: Memory light flashing and beeping

Suggested resolution: Press number 8 on the keypad and then press the up arrow 5 times, press the down arrow 6 times and then press enter and escape twice on the keypad. This will stop the beeping and in some cases extinguish the memory light. 

If the memory light does not extinguish then the following sequence should be followed:

Press number 4, enter your access code and press enter. This will play any messages that are stored, these will need to be cleared, press button 1, it will ask for confirmation to confirm this press key 1 again and it will delete that message. (Repeat this sequence until all messages are deleted and press escape twice to exit).

 If the above procedure does not clear the memory light, then arm and disarm the system and try the sequence again. In the event that it has still not cleared then advise to reset factory settings.


Problem: Low battery light

Suggested resolution: Replace all PIR detector and magnetic batteries and then press escape twice on the keypad to extinguish the battery light and return to a disarmed mode.


Problem: Control unit constant bleeping

Suggested resolution: Control unit constantly bleeping every 30 seconds? Is jamming detection activated? If so, disable this function on the control panel. If you are still struggle give one our customer support team a call. 


Questions and Answers


Question: How to put my system in Operating/Service mode (with remote)?

Answer: On (take out of service mode) = hold remote “off” button for 10 seconds until siren gives a long bleep. Off (put into service mode) = hold remote “off” button for 10 seconds until siren gives a long bleep.


Question: How to set up a Siren?

Answer: Set main configuration switch to C.U. Set the house code but do not connect jamming detection link, connect both batteries, press down the tamper switch and hold closed. Keeping the tamper switch closed press the arm button on the remote control and keep it held on for 10 to 15 seconds, the unit should respond with an extended bleep. Now let go of the arm button and then press the disarm button the unit should bleep twice to let you know that it is active but in a disarmed state. Let go of the tamper switch, should the unit activate then disarm it with the remote control. The unit is now ready for use and can be mounted on an outside wall.

If you have a question and you can't find the answer on the Knowledge Base, please contact our experts and we will try to help. 

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